Saturday, November 7, 2015


I just want to GOBBLE up this year's phenomenal "disguise-a-turkey" creations! That ol' farmer is sure to pick a different protein this year!  I don't see any turkeys, do you?!

Zis Gobbler Vants To Stay Avay From Zee Dinner Plate!
Hey Farmer, Do You Want To Build A Snowman Instead?!
Join Him & Together You Will Stay Off Of The Dinner Plate.  
You Don't Know The Power Of The Dark Meat! 
Don't Make Him Angry!  Turkey SMASH! 
SEA How Simple Hiding From The Farmer Can Be?!
Life Is ALL Rainbows & Unicorns ... NOT Turkeys!
 DOGgone It! This Poodle Needs A Walk Not A Waddle!
Honor The TEXAS Turkey! YEEHAW!
This Gobbler Is OUT OF THIS WORLD!
I {don't} SPY A Turkey, Do You?!
Eating A Bank Robber Doesn't Make CENTS!
Farmer, Don't GROW Near The Garden! 
GIFT Me A Break! Who Would Eat Santa?! NO! NO! NO one!
 T'is The Season To Leave Turkeys Alone!
 This Robot Is Sure To Push The Farmer's BUTTONS!
 Turkey ...Errrr.... TURTLE In A Half Shell! Turtle Power!
 The Farmer Is Sure To Pay Major STARBUCKS To Find A Turkey!
All I See Is JOE!
This Isn't A Turkey, So Don't Start Cryin'
LEI Out In The Sun & You'll Feel HAWAIIAN! 
 I Don't SPOT A Turkey Here, So BUG Off!!
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So, which one is your favorite?