Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Get Crackin' and Make This Oviparous Egg Center 1 of 3!

Hey all you Smart Teachers!  We have EGGS on the brain and NOW is the perfect time to pick them up pretty much anywhere {and soon they will all be on sale!}  I thought I would share an EGGcellent freebie with you to use in your classroom.
{Want another EGGcellent freebie - check THIS post}
We LOVE learning about oviparous animals in kindergarten, not to mention all of the EGGstremely fun egg activities that go with the study. One center that my Smart Tarts enjoy is our Sight Word Scrambled Eggs center. Each plastic egg contains letter beads that spell a sight word. 
They crack open ONE EGG AT A TIME {can you tell I say this MANY TIMES before letting them loose in this center?! HAHAHA!} and unscramble the sight word in the egg.
Once they figure out the word, they write it on their center accountability sheet.
After they put that egg back together, they can move on to the next egg. You may have to say this many times, "DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT OPEN ALL EGGS AT ONCE!" That is EGGstremely important for your sanity!! :D
 They kids love it, and it is challenging, so it keeps them busy.

Pick up your copy of the accountability sheet here.
Tips & Ideas:

  • Use color & number words to add to the difficulty
  • Add a student or two's name in the egg mix
  • Color code each carton ... They carton pictured above has blue & pink eggs. I have another carton with yellow & green eggs. It helps keep everything organized.
  • For differentiation, keep a sight word list in the center to help your Smart Tarts that have a difficult time figuring out the words on their own.

I hope that you are as EGGcited as I am for this center.

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I SHELL be back! That was a YOLK! Hardy Har Har!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

BULLSEYE! Great Classroom Finds From Target!

Spring Break is almost over! WAAAAAAAHHHH!  As I look back on my week off, it seems like I spent a good portion of it shopping for my classroom... Pretty much par for the course!
 One of my stops was Target's "Bullseye's Playground" {formerly the One Spot ... formerly "See Spot Save"}. All items I found are $3 or LESS and perfect for an Early Childhood classroom.

Here are some goodies that I found at one local location:

Hanging Box w/ Tiny Clothespins {$3 each}
{I am not sure how to use this yet... Either in a center or with a message for my kids to read as they walk in the classroom. How would you use it?}
Desk Storage Cups {$3 per set}
{This would be great to keep supplies organized in a mail or art center ... or many centers for that matter!}
Glass Jars {$1 each}
{These could make cool terrariums, snow globes or [a dream of mine] to organize & display arts & crafts supplies!}
 Boxed Chalkboards {$3 each}
{Fun for a center or small group activity.}
Black & Cream Linen Bags {$1 each ... a little high, in my opinion}
{I was thinking of putting letter tiles and other "clue" trinkets inside.  Smart Tarts would have to arrange the letters using the trinket clues to spell a mystery word.}
 3 Varieties of Building Blocks {$1 each set}
{Great for a fine motor & spatial relationship center.}
 Fire Truck, School Bus & Ice Cream Truck Puzzles {$3 each}
{Great for a community helper theme.}
 Fairy Tale, Mystical Ponies & Super Hero Figurines {$1 a pack}
{These could be used in TONS of ways .... Some ways that I plan to use them: patterning, as manipulatives for math problems, game pieces for "Bump" and other games.}
 Magnetic Small Travel Games {$3 each}
{LOVE these for centers OR small group!}
 Race Tracks Removable Tape {$1 a roll}
{I am hoping to make some sort of sight word game... I am still in the conceptual phase ... HELP!}
 Helly Bean Erasers {$1 a pack}
{Great for manipulative OR to use as an incentive to participate in small group [see THIS POST]}

 White and Gold Adhesive Letters {$1 a pack}

I think Target hit the BULLSEYE! {pun intended!}

Thursday, March 17, 2016

High 5 For These Five Below Teacher Finds

Do you have a Five Below store near you? If so, it is a great place to stop for teacher finds!
{If you're not sure if you have one in your area they have a locator on their website: Five Below

We stopped by Five Below yesterday "for the kids" and, of course, found plenty of things for the classroom! 

Check our this SMALL sampling of ideas:

Big Ol' Dice! {5 bucks each}
Dry Erase Sticker Dots {2 bucks each}
Laser Finger Pointers {2 bucks a pack - I think...}
My class' favorite way to point to the words when they read.
Pet Pillow {5 bucks each}
Perfect for a reading nook or corner!
4X6' Reversible Indoor Outdoor Mat/Rug {5 bucks each}
Great to go under a play dough or paint center.
It is made of a plastic woven material, which makes it easy to spray off with the hose or just shake out!
Interlocking Snap Together Mats {5 bucks each}
Great to make your own center space!
Big Ol' Bowling! {5 bucks a set}
This would make a FUN subtraction game!!

So... go forth and shop my teacher friends!