Saturday, September 27, 2014

This Year's Shape Scarecrows

I had to post some of the shape scarecrows that my little Smart Tarts created this week b/c they turned out SUPER cute. I just love them! The kiddos were asked to identify each shape before building their scarecrows.  We then wrote a story about our scarecrows in our writing journals {I'll share those another time.} I LOVE crossing the curriculum... it does wonders for learning and retention of taught material. This activity crossed the following subjects & skills: math, art, science, fine motor, spatial relationships, following MULTI steps and FUN!

Is this something that you would do in your class?
Now, BOO! Go build those scarecrows!

UPDATE: Thanks to a comment below from pwenger, I added this example that has the typical dimensions that I use. This year's were a little bigger. 4 1/2" is what you get when you fold a piece of construction paper in half. Then the arms are 2 1/4, which is half of that. :) Hope that helps!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Don't Be SCARED of this SHORT Post!

Hi all. I feel like I have been posting to my blog so much, BUTTTTTT, it has all been in my mind.  I swear, each time we do something in the classroom I take pictures and want to post them, but then get home and CRASH {well crash after cooking, packing lunches, playing with kiddos, talking with hubby ... yadda yadda}!! Am I the only one??!!

I want to be better. I strive to be better.  So I MUST try harder!

Well, on with the show.  We are going to be creating these cute little scarecrow guys tomorrow.  The main focus of the lesson: shapes, colors & fall/season.  These pics are from a few years ago.  
I just love studying fall & leaves and so do the kids.  It has been a huge hit in the classroom.  Do you study fall? Leaves? Scarecrows?  If so, shout out about it below ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

Monday, August 4, 2014

Dollar Tree Find #7 {of 7} - I Couldn't CONTAIN Myself!

Anyone who knows me KNOWS I have a "mad scientist" brain , which is GREAT for ideas, and NOT SO GREAT for... ORGANIZATION!!  My arch nemesis!  I LOVE to be organized, but my brain just does NOT know how to do it!
Well, one thing that helps this scatterbrain is ... containers!  Not just any containers. Containers that go with my color scheme: turquoise and lime.  Dollar Tree is one of my favorite places for containers, and if you visit different DT's chances are you will find different containers. {Since taking pics for this post, I have even found NEW containers!{They have tons of different colors and each season brings a batch of new colors...sometimes primary. Other times pastel or even neon.}  I took some shots of the shelves at a couple of stores, so you could see some potential options!

CHECK OUT ALL THESE CONTAINERS THAT I BOUGHT!!!!  I am so excited to start figuring out what goes where and which holds what and how they are used and if I need MORE!!!  How could I possibly need more!!!???  {I won't answer that...}
Here's to a NEW & ORGANIZED school year!!