Saturday, July 6, 2013

Yoga for Kids that is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Cosmic Kids Yoga

I have recently fallen in love with yoga after my kids went to a music camp where they were introduced to yoga in the theater/drama rotation of the camp.  My little guy, who is a quite emotionally connected with the world, received kudos from his teacher for being "in tune" with nature especially b/c he is only 3.  That led me to a search for myself and them, and I discovered a show called "Power Yoga" on the ION Life station {I had never visited this station before}, and can honestly say that I am a little bit OBSESSED!  I LOVE YOGA!  Needless to say I am still a unbalanced & not limber newbie yogi FO SHO! 
With this newfound love, I remembered a yoga YouTube channel for kids that I had seen 6+ months ago: Cosmic Kids Yoga
What is Cosmic Kids Yoga? In Jamie's own words, "Yoga, stories & fun."  So Jamie, the yoga guru and great story teller, leads viewers through a series of yoga moves & poses while going on fantastical adventures and ending with relaxation.  My {personal} kids LOVE it!  My daughter even writes yoga "scripts" where she introduces herself and shows poses, "Hi, my name is Violet and I am going to do yoga." This isn't just for home.... it can TOTALLY be done in the classroom too!  I hope to use it this coming year on rainy {or full moon, HA!} days where kids need to release pent up energy, while ending in a calm mood. Doesn't that sound relaxing?!
Now if you want to get started you have to say the secret yoga code word, "Namaste."
Check out this sampling of episodes:
{Squish the Fish}
{Parsnip the Cat}
{Kickapoo the Kangaroo}
Want more?? Check out her YouTube channel: Cosmic Kids Yoga

She also has a DVD of her series, BABY! {Click the Pic}

 Do you enjoy yoga?  Comment me and let me know. :)



  1. We started using these a few weeks ago in daycare, and we now use them daily! The kids (and I) <3 them!!!!

  2. She is fun, isn't she?! :)

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