Thursday, January 16, 2014

Peace, Love, MLK, Jr.!

Hello All!  Well, Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day,  so I thought that I would share a bundle that I created last year.  I LOVE teaching about MLK, Jr, the struggles he faced and his victories!  It is always a unit of study that the Smart Tarts in my class really seem to grab onto and run with!

Here is what all is included:
Peace, Love, M.L.K Poem {to read}
Peace, Love, M.L.K Poem {to write & illustrate}Peace, Love, M.L.K Poem {for pocket chart}
MLK, Jr. & Me Comparison WritingPeace Poem {simile writing} 
M.L.K. Sentence Stem Writing
Civil Rights Movement Fact Writing
LOVE is... Poem {fill in the blank}
MLK & Me Venn DiagramKids can dream BIG, too writing
A Child’s Dream {illustrate & write}
Example for “A Child’s Dream” 

Here are a few pics from the 16 page pack that I have put together:

You can pick up the bundle for yourself here.


Sunday, January 12, 2014

It's my bag, baby. YEAH!

Have you ever needed to send a lot of papers or big project home and a student {or 2} doesn't have his backpack?  Well... thanks to my friend, "Doodle" {birth name Crystal, HA!} I have JUST the solution for you! 
Doodle is a master organizer {in my opinion} and one of my ALL TIME best buds.  We both entered our teaching career the very same year.  I brought the ZANY and she brought the calm and cool.  We were a Yin/Yang pairing, fo' sho'!  That year she taught me a GREAT organization tip that I use year after year, and I thought I would pass to you.  A BOX O' BAGS!

All you need is an empty tissue box and start collecting plastic bags through out the year... You would be SURPRISED at how many bags one small tissue box will hold.  It's CRAY CRAY!  It is always nice to have a stock of bags for those forgetful Smart Tarts in your class. You know what I'm saying'?!  
All you do is start stuffing... no trick, really ... just stuff 'em in!  You can get that box FULL!!
One of the "Smart Tarts" in my class wanted me to show other teachers the "pop-up" effect. HA!
Can you believe ALL OF THOSE BAGS FIT?!!  Believe it or not, there is STILL ROOM for more.
There you go.  Neat and tidy and ready for the next little cutie that forgot his/her backpack.
No more ... Lost papers on the way home.
No more ... You will have to take it home tomorrow.
You got it covered and FOR FREE!

One of the best things about the "box o' bags" is that it fits neatly on a shelf.  Last year I had 3 of these bad boys, and they took up very little room in my cupboards.  Believe me, this is a tip that you will definitely use AGAIN and AGAIN!

So, start collecting, and you will soon be saying, 
"I GOT YOUR BA{ck}G!" ;)

THANKS, DOODLE! I  love you!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

52 Week Savings Challenge ... WHO'S WITH ME?!?!?!

Hey all you tarts out there!  I have seen this totally exciting savings post from Kaylie who has the blog, "Life As You Live It" floating around Pinterest for a while now.  It looks like Kaylie was inspired by, "" and now I am inspired too!

The plan is a way to save up for Christmas {or anything for that matter} and it starts the first week of January.  Hey, guess what????  THAT'S NOW!  I guess NOW IS THE TIME to take the savings plunge. 

There are many ways to make this plan happen and it looks like it is all taken care. You can hop over to her blog {link above} and print out an array of different ways to make your savings plan happen ... weekly, backwards, biweekly, monthly {HELLO TEACHERS!}, even in smaller increments to get your kiddos involved!  The only one I didn't see is an averaged monthly plan, so I threw one together. Pick it up HERE
I AM SO EXCITED!  I have my label printed, my jar {with some bonus change already inside} ready and now all I have to do is get to saving. This is something WE CAN DO and think of how cool it will be to have that extra cash at the end of the year.  WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT IT WILL BE! Thanks Kaylie for your inspiration!

HAPPY NEW {show me the money} YEAR!