Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dollar Tree Find BONUS POST - Bingo Dotters = Hay Yer

Hi all!  I will pick up with my Dollar Tree posts tomorrow, but until then, here is a post that my son inspired... see halfway down on this post to see where my inspiration started. 

We used the ever popular bingo dotters for "breath art" or whatever you want to call it.  Ha Ha!

After my son said that the bingo dot looked like "hay yer" {hair ... yes we are from Texas!!} ... I thought, "Hmmmm. Let's give that a shot!"
Wouldn't this be cute to accompany "The Hair Book?" {You can get it for 1 PENNY @ Amazon!!} It could go with an All About Me, Feelings, or even a Health & Body Unit. Here is the fun we had:
Check it out... RAINBOW HAIR!!
 We got a little carried away on the green! This one is why we decided to go with individual faces...
Then we tried to use cut straws:

 "Mama ... I want to do a "BeeYard" ... Okay...
WHY NOT a beard?!
You could even make animal fun!!
How else could you use this activity??  Cactus?

Here are some books I found on Amazon that might go well with this activity.
See you tomorrow for 5 of 7! :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Dollar Tree Find #5 {of 7} - A Goodie For Individualization!

Don't you just love finding something that helps with individualizing for the Smart Tarts in you class?  I was really excited to find these plastic protected index cards already on a metal ring with an elastic closure strap! Each pack has 50 cards inside, but the ring can be opened so you could even add more!
Imagine all of the possibilities ... each child could have there own for math +/or literacy.  There could be letters, sight words, math facts, vocabulary with picture, colors, shapes, and whatever else your heart can think of!  All of this will be PERSONAL TO THEM!  JUST THEM! How cool is that?!

These would also be great for "Early Finishers," and you could just hang them on a hook in your classroom for kids to use to practice many different skills.  They could even be LEVELED BY COLOR!  My goodness my mind is RACIIIIIINNNNNGGGG!  

I grabbed some Dollar Tree bingo dotters, DT markers, my personal Smart Tarts & camera for the next shots.  Here's what we did: **Each child's pack had their own name on it. **I wrote 3rd grade words in Violet's ring and letters in Mal's. **Then they reviewed the word or letter with me and if the knew it, I bingo dotted that card's corner {I WOULD RECOMMEND STICKERS OR STAMPS}.  **If they didn't know it, I left it as is.  That way I can see at a glance which ones they need more help with.  

My little stinker, Violet, knew them all, so I should have picked harder ones!!  

 These next couple of pictures inspired a future post when Mallon told me, "Hey Mama!  It looks like "hay yer" {hair}!!" 
Be on the look out!
See ... it DOES look like "hay yer!"
 Can you guess what letter he is saying?!
 See how you can tell which ones they know at a glance. LOVE IT!
Well, there ya have it... my fifth post.  If you can believe it, I still have more in me! :)  
See you tomorrow...