Sunday, May 26, 2013

We Went TOTALLY Overboard for our Ocean Themed Open House!

Our 2 week study on ocean coincided perfectly with Open House, so why not do it up OCEAN SIZED, right?!?!  It is like I couldn't stop myself ... I kept wanting to add more and more and MORE!  I know I needed to stop, but I was totally out of control.  It looked like we vomited ocean everywhere in the hallway {with a slice of dinosaurs on the side}... My poor co-teacher buddy, Mrs. Johnson, probably had a rough 2 weeks putting up with me.  I have to give her major kudos, though, because she really rolled with it like a pro surfer on the Big Kahuna!

This is what was featured in the classroom.  It made a huge SPLASH!  To enter the classroom, families had to go through the waterfall which was made of long butcher paper cut into strips.{I forgot to get pictures of that, but you can kind of see it through the window...}
Here is a peek at what was inside the classroom.  We had the overhead lights off and the warm glow of lamps on.  We also had Hawaiian/Tiki music playing in the background. Mrs. Johnson said that she will never forget one parent's face when she entered the classroom... it was wide-eyed and mouth dropped... now that's the reaction you want! :D
Here is our hallway display:
Are these compilations too hard to see?  I thought that it might be too much to add them one by one.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

HELP! To gloss or not to gloss... That is the question.

Hello Smart Tarts Learning Peeps.  I need your help.  I made these little certificates for my kiddos, but am not sure if I should get them printed in glossy or matte format.  What would you prefer if you were on the receiving end?

THANKS for your help!!
P.S. The candy is only on there as a watermark. :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother, Mom, Madre, Mami, Mere, Mommy ... or as my kids call me "Mama's" Day!

In honor of Mother's Day and the end to Teacher Appreciation week I have posted another little Apple Tree Work Mat freebie.  This is something that I usually sell, but wanted to offer it to those of you who follow Smart Tarts Learning.

I am still growing and will continue to grow, so it means a lot that there are supportive people in this vast webby world!  I really appreciate all of you, and hope that I can continue to offer ideas, tips and fun printables for MANY years to come!

ENJOY {until tomorrow morning...}
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Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Teacher's Appreciation Week ... I got a goodie for ya AND IT HAS A TIME LIMIT!

Good Evening Smart Tarts Learning Friends!  I wanted to give back a little something as a way to say thanks for what you do AND thanks for following Smart Tarts Learning!  This one has a time limit & it is one {or 2} more clicks away ... it's kind of like a cyber scavenger hunt.  HA!

Check out Smart Tarts Learning's facebook page for the next step: Click Here!

Enjoy and be on the lookout for more appreciation from me to YOU!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week = HUGE savings!

Smart Tarts Learning is participating in the Teacher Appreciation Sale at Teachers Notebook.  I am offering 50% off of all of my items & Teachers Notebook is adding on another 10%!  WOWZA! That's 60%, BABY!
I truly have a love for teachers {not JUST because I am one, HA HA!} and all they do ... much of it is NOT teaching, but loving, rather, caring, laughing with, encouraging, doting on, motivating, and most of all...
Thank YOU for all that YOU do! 
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