Friday, August 1, 2014

Dollar Tree Find #6 {of 7} - Don't BUG Out in Your Small Group!

Well, someone's been naughty busy and forgot to continue my Dollar Tree posts!  I am SO sorry ... maybe I will have to add a few more "bonus" posts to make up for it. ;)
Well, this next post will make literacy or math Teacher Table time a BUGGY good time!  Here is what I picked up at Dollar Tree:
Packs of Bugs {8 per bag}
Bug Explorer Kits
Safari Hats
**Safari Vests Can Also Be Picked Up There 
{just thought of this ... DOH!}

So ... I made a little sheet for this game called, "Don't BUG Out!"  It's a basic table with 8 spots for whatever skill you would like to focus on... I focused on reading, but I think next time it will be math {subtraction for Violet & number recognition for Mal}. It could be laminated and individualized for each child or group level. {DID YOU NOTICE MY MISTAKE??}
Players take turns using their tweezers or insect net to select a bug from their mat.  
They have to read or solve what is hiding under their bug.  
If they can read/solve etc... it, then they keep it in their bug box.
If they miss it, they recover the skill & can't come back to it for 2 turns {unless, of course, it is the last one they have to solve.
The first person to clear their board first, WINS!
Getting Started!
WHOOPSIE ... Got One Wrong. All part of learning! 
**BONUS** ... If they are talented enough to grab 2 bugs with one pinch of the tweezers {believe me, it's not easy!} they have a chance to keep both bugs if they can answer both spaces.
 Bugs are YUMMY too??!!
YAHOO ... We had a BLAST!!
I have a question?????? 

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