Thursday, January 15, 2015

We Have Dreams Like Martin Luther King...

Today was a bit of a crazy day! We worked on a massive, or at least it seemed massive, MLK, Jr. project. Every kid worked at different paces, so it seemed like they all needed something different from me all at the same time. I will say, though, that they turned out super cute and the chaos was totally worth it!

Each Smart Tart illustrated their personal dream for the world. Then they drew themselves with their eyes shut as if they were dreaming. The pièce de résistance was their rough and final draft writing piece that described their dream.... rough drafts were in pencil and final draft or in marker. I stapled the final draft on top of the rough draft, so that anyone reading it on the wall can see how their work went through the writing process. It was a doozy! The kids worked really hard, and Ooooooh how proud they were of their creations!

Here are some examples:
My dream for the world is..

"People stop fighting."
"Everyone can eat food."
"Picking up trash to save the world."
"Giving flowers to people."
"All animals have fresh water."

Here is a link to the above documents: ]


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