Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A BEARY Fun Study of Bears!

Last week we studied bears.  This unit of study followed our "Animals In Winter" theme, so it was a perfect transition.  We tried to tie the theme across all subject area {as we do for all of our themes} in order to deepen the study and interest of the topic.  Not to mention crossing the left and right hemisphere of the brain! HOLLA!  Check out these samples.

We were also learning about the seasons, so here is a fun way to include bears {thanks to Ms. Perry} - A Bear In All Seasons:

We also included bears into our addition theme.  Honey anyone? {DJ Inkers Clip Art}
We did the "Blubber Glove" experiment to see how Polar Bears don't freeze in the Arctic waters. {check out the Steve Spangler video below} They thought that was the COOLest thing ever!!  Missed my Polar Bear post? Read all about it by clicking the picture.
As a finale, we had a Teddy Bear hunt and Teddy Bear picnic {this will be a separate post}.  I overheard one of my Smart Tarts say, "This is the BEST day of my ENTIRE life!!!!" HA HA HA!!

It was so much fun, we almost couldn't BEAR it!! ;)

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