Saturday, December 1, 2012

It IS okay to point!!

Pointing to words while reading is extremely important!!
Pointing to words while reading text is a skill that we teach very early readers to do.  WHY?!?!  What are the benefits?
**Tracking left to right, top to bottom**
**Noticing the difference between upper/lowercase letters**
**Recognizing that letters form words, words form sentences & sentences form paragraphs**
**Identifying sentence structure, spacing & punctuation**
**Staying on track while they read**
Check out this article that describes the benefits of pointing to words as a child becomes a more developed reader: Click Here

Can a child point to text with his finger?  Of course, BUT why not make it EXTRA fun by providing him with fun pointers to use?!?!  The kids in my class think it is the greatest thing to get some sort of new pointer {OR even make one of their own ... that will be another post!} I picked these little goodies up from one of my favorite stores, Dollar Tree.
What exactly are these things, you ask? They vary ... ornaments, holiday picks {10/$1!}, straws, swizzle sticks, garland that has been cut apart.  Really, anything that I can visualize them using to point to their words, I grab! The crystal icicle is BY FAR the favorite! {2 for $1}
{special shout out to my lovely hand model, Mrs. Johnson, for her fabu pointing skills!}
I may have gone a little bit overboard {what's new?!} with my pointer purchases b/c I have many for different occasions and I am sure I am not done yet!
No Dollar Tree close?  Good news!  You can get many of these items from them online!  {I am sure you can get items from other dollar stores, party stores, Target, etc...}
Okay ... I have saved the BEST FOR LAST!! A GINORMOUS {32"} CANDY CANE POINTER for a dollar, 100 pennies {plus tax} ... ONE BUCK!!! This is the gift that keeps on giving!!! {name that movie!!!}
My kids LOVE using this for calendar time! You can get this online too at Dollar Tree!
HAVE FUN POINTING {at your words!}


  1. I am running out to find some icicle pointers!! I don't think we have Dollar Tree near me but I am on a mission! I love your blog...thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Thanks Jodi! If you don't find any let me know, and I am sure I could mail you out some!!! :) Would be happy to do it.