Saturday, December 8, 2012

SUPER cool FREEEEEEE vocabulary building app!

Have you heard of Bitsboard by  I just downloaded it randomly for my son in hopes to build up his vocabulary.  It is described as "...both an app and global platform of millions of teachers, parents, students, and lifelong learners." 

Basically you download {pre-created} boards of vocab words that are organized by type. For example: animals, food, sight words, money, numbers, etc... When the voice says the word, you click the correct picture.  As you get more correct, the pictures increase in amount ... getting more and more difficult.  There are MANY boards to choose from and download ANNNNND it's FREE!! 
This is good for use at home AND IN THE CLASSROOM!! It is also customizable. You can set it to go up to 60 flashcards on the screen if you wanted to really challenge yourself!  You can also set it to show the picture, the word, the picture then word or the word then picture.  You can even delete pictures that you don't want on the board.  I could go on and on...
The thing I am most excited about {selfishly ... for myself!! WOW! That was redundant!} is the Spanish 101.  There are 4 pages of boards that you can download FOR FREE to brush up on your Spanish {or French [random side note: I used to be fluent in French, but now it is a distant memory!], or German}!  I am so excited!  The sad part is I haven't even shown it to my son yet because I have been too busy playing the app myself. HA!
I can't imagine this app will be FREE forever, but you never know.  Just thought I would share.  Check out iTunes today {not sure about Droid}  :)
Word to your iPad!


  1. Thanks for the tip! I think this is the way to get the last few kids to learn the sight words! Jodi

  2. Yes Jodi! I was thinking the same thing! Also, they have money and time... those are always tough skills to learn. :) {oh AND sentences!}

  3. Nikki,
    I also love the Story Creator app by the same group (Grasshopper Apps). They are super responsive to questions and concerns - my kind of company! I haven't started using Bitsboard yet, but now I will! Thanks for sharing!
    An Open Door

  4. Awesome Camille! I will check out the Story Creator. :) I have also used the spelling app they have {3 letters, I think it's called}. That is a fun one for kiddos learning CVC words.