Saturday, June 15, 2013

Brighten Your Dad's {or Grandpa's} Day With This Sunflower Card Freebie!

As the kids and I were driving around during our first week of summer break {screaming, hooting and hollering inside!}, we drove by a wild patch of sunflowers ... or should I say FUNflowers!  We thought that it would be fun to cut some and put them in a vase for Andy or "Dada" as a nice little kick-off to Father's Day weekend.
  After going back home to get some scissors we were ready for our sun filled adventure.  It really wasn't THAT much of an adventure, but I like to find a little bit of excitement in even the smallest things we do. HA!  We found just the perfect ones that we wanted for our vase, and then noticed that they were teaming with those little leafhopper bug things!  GAG!  Luckily, if you just flick the stem the hop {hence their name, hee hee} to another stalk.  WHEW!
 Once home, I thought it would be fun to add a card telling him how we feel.  It seemed to pull it together nicely.  :)  I have added some for "Dad," "Dada" & "Daddy" depending on what your MAIN MAN is called in your home.  I have also created 2 for "Grandpa" or "Papa." 
I would be happy to add a name if you call your dad or grandpa something different.  Just note it in the comments or email me:
 Hope your weekend is SUNNY too!

Get them here: TPT   or    TN

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