Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 3 of Summer Vacation & I Still Have a Tear in my Eye!

Summertime is usually a time of jubilation, relaxation & JOY, but I have a confession.... I really miss my class!  This is the first year that I "looped" up with my entire class {plus a few new fabulous additions} from kindergarten to first grade.  We were ALL new to first grade, and I must say that I, we, really loved it! 

How cool it was to see kids that {in kinder} couldn't write their name correctly evolve into authentic writers and chapter book readers?!  How cool was it to start the first day of First Grade and they already new my personality {goofy as all get out!}, behavior expectations & teaching style?!  How cool it was to be able to refer back to memories {academic or not} from kindergarten like: "Remember when I tripped and almost sat on Matthew?!?!" {class laughing hysterically} or "What do you remember about seeds from kindergarten?"  "Wasn't it cool when the "Glitterbug" came and left us treats when we learned about recycling?" "Remember when we won the pumpkin contest?" What an ab*so*lut*ely FANTASTIC experience!
 But now ... now they're gone.  I wish I could explain the heartache & break on that last day of school.  Kids that never cry doubled over in shuddering sobs. Having to lead upset students to their bus or car and having to say "see ya later" because I didn't want to say "good-bye!"  How do you console an upset child when you are fighting back your own tears?  As I hugged and consoled them I had a realization.... They {and their families} were going from something so familiar and familial to an unknown for the first time since Pre-K. I know that they are going to rock it out in Second Grade because they are little Rock Stars.  :)
This next year I will be staying in First Grade {with plans to start looping again the next year}, and I know I will undoubtedly love my soon to be class - I always do - but, man, was this batch of "Tomme Tigers" special! 
 I am so thankful for that experience!


  1. I looped one year from 1st to second. It was awesome. I would do it again but it is hard to find teachers who are willing to take that on with you in alternating years. I think kids that loop do so much better because they already know the teacher, expectations, and routines. They don't seem to miss a beat going from 1 grade to the other. But you do get really attached. I understand your pain.
    Enjoy your summer.
    First Grade by the Sea

  2. It really was a fantastic experience, and you realize it will be hard leaving each other... It isn't until it actually happens that you feel the magnitude. I still think of them each day.