Thursday, May 1, 2014

Don't be a chicken! Check out these INTERACTIVE lifecycle creations... Turtle & Chicken

Can you believe that I haven't posted since February?!  I actually have had tons of posts...... in my mind! I have switched my focus {slightly} to setting up my latest venture, "AdoptedVintage" over on Etsy.  I am rescuing vintage items and helping them be adopted into new homes. :) Whew!  It's hard to do it all!

Well, I thought that I would finally do a little post for a chicken and turtle lifecycle creation that I thunk up.  They are interactive, artsy and MAN did the kids retain the information PLUS they had a blast creating them! BONUS!

I highly recommend giving VERY LIMITED templates/tracers when creating art pieces. It helps the kids with spatial relationships, sizing, problem solving, and is more personal.  In the beginning it may be a challenge AND they may come out different than intended, but that is what is endearing about a child's work, right?!  For the turtle, I gave them a semi-circle to trace b/c it had to be the correct size to fit the lifecycle, and for the chicken they were only given the egg tracer, which some chose not to use.  

Check out these Chicky Birds sitting atop their lifecycle eggs...:

Here are our Turtlriffic turtle flip-down life cycles. {We used brads taped to the back to keep them closed while displayed, but they could still be manipulated while on the wall}:

Well, my plan is to post again regularly... I think this ADD mind needs a schedule! {but.... that would mean that I would have to remember to look at it! HA!} I definitely have more to share!




  1. I will definitely look to do these. Do you have a black line for the turtle life cycle you would share?

  2. Terry ~ I got them from this website: I actually took a screenshot of the doc and then digitally cropped each one and mixed up the order for an extra level of difficulty. I will email them to you as well in case you don't see this message. :)