Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It's Not Silly To Do Silhouettes!

Mother's Day is right around the corner... ARE YOU READY?!  I chose to do silhouettes again this year because, well, I just LOVE them!  I was re-introduced to silhouettes by a coworker several years ago and think that they are one of the sweetest mementos a child can bring home to their family.

Here is how to do it:

Supplies: Pencil, Long Black Construction Paper OR Butcher Paper {cut into the size of long construction paper}, Projector, White Board or Wall Space, Tape, Big Eraser & CHILD. :)

Step 1 ~ Get a projector to cast their shadow against the white board or wall.

Step 2 ~ Tape the black paper to the correct height of the child. {Tape the top AND BOTTOM with just a small piece of tape close to the edge so that it will come off easily and not damage the paper too  much}.

Step 3 ~ Have the child face you and slightly press their arm against the white board {keeping their body straight}.  This will create less wiggles and swaying!

Step 4 ~ Angle the child's head slightly toward the white board so that you can see their sweet eyelashes.

Step 5 ~ PUT ON YOUR tRACING SHOES!!  Get ready to be quick and START WITH THE FOREHEAD and trace downward and then go back to the forehead and trace around the back of the head. Steady the child's chin as you trace their facial features and do it quickly.  COMMIT TO THE TRACE! Hee Hee!  It's not always perfect, but it's amazing how even through all of the wiggles, it still looks like them.  Don't be afraid to erase and start over it it is just too funky... this is the backside, so it won't be seen.

Step 6 ~ REMEMBER TO WRITE THEIR NAME!  Sometimes you may have a couple that look similar, and if you don't have their names on them it can be very difficult figuring out who's who.  Although, the kids are pretty good at being able to tell.

Step 7 ~ Remove tape, cut out, paste to long construction paper pencil marks side down {I did pink for the girls and light blue for the boys, but any color other than black will do.} and laminate.
TIPS: *Move quickly. *Trace the details like hair bows, mohawks, curls, beads, empty space in long hair, cowlicks or little hairs sticking up in the back, collars on shirts, etc... It makes it more unique and personal.  *DON'T HAVE YOUR STUDENTS CUT THEM OUT!!!  Even the best cutter will have difficulty, so make sure that you or another adult cuts them out for the best quality. *NO PROJECTOR??  Crazy, but true ... I did these at home with my own children using a FLASHLIGHT!! It totally worked, BUT you will need someone to hold it for you while you trace. *ADD SOMETHING TO THE BACK. We glued the Mother's Day Survey found here to the backside for a little extra personal touch. :)
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! TTYL!



  1. I love to do silhouettes! I'm happy to see someone else does also. Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Dbednars ~ They feel like such a throwback to the past. I just adore them. :)