Saturday, September 27, 2014

This Year's Shape Scarecrows

I had to post some of the shape scarecrows that my little Smart Tarts created this week b/c they turned out SUPER cute. I just love them! The kiddos were asked to identify each shape before building their scarecrows.  We then wrote a story about our scarecrows in our writing journals {I'll share those another time.} I LOVE crossing the curriculum... it does wonders for learning and retention of taught material. This activity crossed the following subjects & skills: math, art, science, fine motor, spatial relationships, following MULTI steps and FUN!

Is this something that you would do in your class?
Now, BOO! Go build those scarecrows!

UPDATE: Thanks to a comment below from pwenger, I added this example that has the typical dimensions that I use. This year's were a little bigger. 4 1/2" is what you get when you fold a piece of construction paper in half. Then the arms are 2 1/4, which is half of that. :) Hope that helps!


  1. Did you precut the shapes, use patterns, or the students make their own? I would like to use this with my class. Thanks.

  2. pwenger - Thanks so much for your comment. I am going to update the post with a pic of my example that has the dimensions {although ours turned out bigger this year}. I gave them pre-cut shapes: square body, rectangle arms & leg, and a circle head, which they cut out themselves from the traced circle template. The hat was created by them after I modeled an example of how they might make theirs. I prefer to have everything "kid created", but in this case b/c the lesson was shapes I wanted them to be correct. :)