Sunday, March 20, 2016

BULLSEYE! Great Classroom Finds From Target!

Spring Break is almost over! WAAAAAAAHHHH!  As I look back on my week off, it seems like I spent a good portion of it shopping for my classroom... Pretty much par for the course!
 One of my stops was Target's "Bullseye's Playground" {formerly the One Spot ... formerly "See Spot Save"}. All items I found are $3 or LESS and perfect for an Early Childhood classroom.

Here are some goodies that I found at one local location:

Hanging Box w/ Tiny Clothespins {$3 each}
{I am not sure how to use this yet... Either in a center or with a message for my kids to read as they walk in the classroom. How would you use it?}
Desk Storage Cups {$3 per set}
{This would be great to keep supplies organized in a mail or art center ... or many centers for that matter!}
Glass Jars {$1 each}
{These could make cool terrariums, snow globes or [a dream of mine] to organize & display arts & crafts supplies!}
 Boxed Chalkboards {$3 each}
{Fun for a center or small group activity.}
Black & Cream Linen Bags {$1 each ... a little high, in my opinion}
{I was thinking of putting letter tiles and other "clue" trinkets inside.  Smart Tarts would have to arrange the letters using the trinket clues to spell a mystery word.}
 3 Varieties of Building Blocks {$1 each set}
{Great for a fine motor & spatial relationship center.}
 Fire Truck, School Bus & Ice Cream Truck Puzzles {$3 each}
{Great for a community helper theme.}
 Fairy Tale, Mystical Ponies & Super Hero Figurines {$1 a pack}
{These could be used in TONS of ways .... Some ways that I plan to use them: patterning, as manipulatives for math problems, game pieces for "Bump" and other games.}
 Magnetic Small Travel Games {$3 each}
{LOVE these for centers OR small group!}
 Race Tracks Removable Tape {$1 a roll}
{I am hoping to make some sort of sight word game... I am still in the conceptual phase ... HELP!}
 Helly Bean Erasers {$1 a pack}
{Great for manipulative OR to use as an incentive to participate in small group [see THIS POST]}

 White and Gold Adhesive Letters {$1 a pack}

I think Target hit the BULLSEYE! {pun intended!}


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