Friday, September 14, 2012

Gone Fishin' for Fishing Poles?

I LOVE to have the kiddos in my class fish for things {numbers, sight words, letters, etc...} at the "Teacher Table."  The kids have a blast and, I have to confess, so do I!
If you want to do this too, but DON'T HAVE {or can't find} MAGNETIC FISHING POLES, hang tight because I have the perfect solution for you... A magnetic fishing pole tutorial!  It is{as my hubbie would say} EASY BREEZY!
Supplies: Sticks or twigs{from your yard, park or any climbin' tree...make sure they aren't brittle}, yarn, magnets, a glue gun & a happy disposition!
Step 1: TURN ON YOUR GLUE GUN... this will save you some time!
Step 2:  Take your stick and tie the yarn around the thinner of the ends.  I hot glued mine as I wrapped it for durability. Tie in a knot to secure it in place.
 Step 3: Trim the length of line that you would like... shorter lines for fishing poles that are to be used at a table and longer lines for fishing poles that are to be used on the floor.
Step 4:  Wrap yarn around and hot glue a magnet to the end of your fishing line.
 Step 5: Wrap the yarn around again, hot glue, and tie {knot} magnet in place to the end of your fishing line. Trim off the excess line.
 VOILA!  Easy Breezy!  You have your very own ORIGINAL fishing poles.  These are way cooler than any you can find at the stores b/c they are unique. Now just repeat the process to make as many as you need and ....
Pssssst: Be on the lookout this upcoming week for my "Fishin' for Numbers" center post. :)

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  1. Those are cute...I have made fishing poles using dow rods. My kiddos love to fish also.

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    Yes, I do LOVE DJ Inkers and ALL clip art! =)

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