Monday, September 10, 2012

Phonological Awareness Assessment FREEBIE!

I am excited to share this freebie for Phonological Awareness.

This 8 page document includes a tracking page for your class & assessments for the following:

1. Listening
2. Rhyming {Part 1 & 2}
3. Alliteration
4. Words in a Sentence
5. Syllabication
6. Onset/Rime
7. Blending Phonemes
8. Deleting Initial Sounds
9. Deleting Final Sounds

It allows for assessment at the BOY {Beginning of the Year}; MOY {Middle of the Year} & EOY {End of the Year}

It is because of your feedback and referrals that I can continue to grow Smart Tarts Learning!



  1. Maybe I am just not figuring this out, but what do "boy," "moy" and "eoy" mean?

    1. I just figured it out. "beginning, middle, end." Ha, ha. Took me a bit.

    2. Sorry Kellie ... you figured it out before I was able to reply! Yes, it stands for Beginning of the Year, Middle of the Year and End of the Year. :) I should have included that!!

  2. Hi,
    Thank you so much for the freebie. I went through the pages and they look absolutely great! An exceptional resource that I am planning to use. I used the link from Make Take Teach blog to reach your site. Now I am happy to be a follower.

  3. Thanks so much, Fawn! :)

  4. Anonymous12/07/2017

    Thank you for this material!