Saturday, September 8, 2012

My TWEET Classroom

I went a little CUCKOO {pun intended! HA!} on a themed classroom this year.  I drew a graphic of a "tweet bird" last year {2011}, and my co-teacher and good friend, Sarita, informed me {said in the most loving way} that I should redo my classroom in "tweet birds." She had seen something similar on ... even the color scheme turquoise and lime. :D

Well, since I was "looping" from kinder to first grade with my kiddos I figured it was time for a change, and why not "tweet birds?!"  That was just the beginning of the "cuckooness" as you will see in the pictures below... I hope you enjoy AND would love for you to "sing" your comments.  It helps me grow as a teacher and creator. :) 

The flock has arrived:
The Word Wall:

Literacy Calendar Title {Math Calendar is my partner teacher's room}:

"Tweethearts" of the Week {like Star of the Week}:

{Clip Art By:DJ Inkers}
Feathers, Lamps & Lanterns Oh My!:

WELCOME! {I found paper plates at Dollar Tree & added letters}
Plan  Do  Study  Act
 SOARING to Meet our Objectives {Math, Science & SS are in my partner teacher's room}
 B.I.R.D Folder
Notes to go home to parents {Kudos & Goals (Clip Art By:DJ Inkers)}
Meet the Teacher Night
First Family Project {"Tweet" what you are excited to learn about in 1st Grade}
Student Nameplates

I am also planning to add a birthday board title, "When We Were Hatched."  My plan is to have nests as the months with each kiddo's name on a Tweet Bird inside the nest of the month they were born. 

Thanks so much for your time and taking a peek inside my classroom!  If you have any other TWEET-TASTIC ideas that I could implement, I would love to hear about them!  :) Nikki T

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  1. Hi Nikki! I just put two and two together that you are one of my favorite illustrators after reading your blog! I've only seen your other blog up until today. I was googling bird clipart lol. I love this classroom makeover and I adore all of you graphics :)
    The Teacher’s Chair