Sunday, March 10, 2013

I love this quote and just had to share!

The power of the mind {and prayer} is truly INCREDIBLE.  My husband and I put both of these into overdrive three years ago when 'battling' to keep {and adopt} our daughter's bio-brother ... our SON! It was a year long battle ultimately ending in such a positive way.  There were times we had to refocus, readjust and remember to visualize {and definitely pray for} what we wanted as the outcome.
 I'm not quite sure why I felt like writing a little blog post about this quote... maybe because it is easy to get down on ourselves as teachers/educators/parents/spouses/{insert your own descriptive title here}, but we can look at it from another angle ----------> we can focus on what we DO want, what we CAN do and what we WILL be. We can love our current and future worth, potential and value.
Remember the 'Little Engine That Could?' {one of my son's all time favorites!}
Happy Sunday All!  May you be what you want to be TODAY!

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