Sunday, May 26, 2013

We Went TOTALLY Overboard for our Ocean Themed Open House!

Our 2 week study on ocean coincided perfectly with Open House, so why not do it up OCEAN SIZED, right?!?!  It is like I couldn't stop myself ... I kept wanting to add more and more and MORE!  I know I needed to stop, but I was totally out of control.  It looked like we vomited ocean everywhere in the hallway {with a slice of dinosaurs on the side}... My poor co-teacher buddy, Mrs. Johnson, probably had a rough 2 weeks putting up with me.  I have to give her major kudos, though, because she really rolled with it like a pro surfer on the Big Kahuna!

This is what was featured in the classroom.  It made a huge SPLASH!  To enter the classroom, families had to go through the waterfall which was made of long butcher paper cut into strips.{I forgot to get pictures of that, but you can kind of see it through the window...}
Here is a peek at what was inside the classroom.  We had the overhead lights off and the warm glow of lamps on.  We also had Hawaiian/Tiki music playing in the background. Mrs. Johnson said that she will never forget one parent's face when she entered the classroom... it was wide-eyed and mouth dropped... now that's the reaction you want! :D
Here is our hallway display:
Are these compilations too hard to see?  I thought that it might be too much to add them one by one.


  1. What a wonderful display and I am sure the children have so much fun working on it all. The learning that went on was so great, wasn't it? I love to see that enthusiasm as a project grows!! ~Linda

  2. I LOVE it...we are finishing up our ocean theme too! I am so excited to be your 100th follower!!!!
    Two Friends In FIrst

  3. Thanks gals! I am contemplating putting up some individual shots b/c these are just a tad small... It was fun and crazy all at the same time!!

  4. Yes you did! Looks great! :)

    Fun in PreK-1

    1. And congrats on reaching 100 Followers!

  5. Thanks Jessica! I am sorry that I am just now replying.