Monday, December 9, 2013

Gingerbread Man Disguises - 2013.... TADA!

Check out the great Gingerbread Man disguises this year.  
The Townsfolk are sure to miss him!!!
{Didn't see last year's?  Click HERE}
This astronaut is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!
I was told Frosty was a "Gentle Old Soul" and if the Townsfolk tried to eat him, they would get a BRAIN FREEZE!
"Meow" that is a CATastic disguise! It would be extremely gross for the Townsfolk to cough up FUR BALLS! YUCK!
This disguise is "SnOw" adorable!
No Townsfolk {or any person for that matter} wants to mess with a DIVA!
Now this guy is all decked out as a Christmas Tree... with presents and a star on top to boot!
If the Townsfolk do catch on ... he'll just hop on his dirt bike and RACE AWAY! The Townsfolk will be left eating his DIRT!
A little snow... a little "bedazzle"... will have the Townsfolk in a trance! Everything on this guy is HAND SEWN!! It is SEW well done!
The halo, the wings, the BLING! No one would DARE touch an Angel!



Here are some of the stories that we read or will read during our 2 week study.

MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE GINGERBREAD STORY... I had NO idea it was out of print.  It has a little cut-out gingerbread boy who makes his way through the pages. The kids LOVE IT! I also like using a Louisiana-ish accent when reading it. It introduces to French words, too, and since I USED to be fluent ... it makes me happy!
Have you read about this naughty little BABY? This book makes Smart Tarts think on a higher level.  Why did he hop out of the oven as a baby and not a boy? Hmmmm... Something to ponder!
This is a tale of an ingenious gingerbread GIRL. The gals in your class will love listening to this classic tale in feminine form! 
YEEHAW! This one hits home for us here in Texas! Get yer cowboy boots on and lassos ready y'all! Get along li'l doggies!
I love the fun rhyming nature of this book. I have the audio version and it is super cute!
This is one of my son's favorite! He loves echoing along to this naughty little cookie's song.

Which book is your favorite? One that I haven't listed??


  1. Wow, they did a fantastic job!! There is so much fun to be had with Gingerbread! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks, Jodi! I thought so too! I just love these little guys!