Friday, December 6, 2013

Our Class Was Visited By The "Gingerbread Man!"

You will NEVER believe what happened in our classroom yesterday!  We came back from lunch only to find a horrible MESS!  I asked the class if someone would like to be honest and tell me that they made the mess, but everyone said that it wasn't them.  If not them, then who could it be?
As we looked closer we began to solve the mystery.  We found a note tucked amongst the letters!  The note read, "Run, Run, As fast as you can! You can't catch me I'm the..."  The Smart Tarts in my class remarked at the HORRIBLE handwriting ... almost as if someone wrote it with their non-dominant hand... Hee Hee! They also noted that it was written in brown, sparkly ink. Hmmmm... 
Could it be the sneaky cookie that we have been learning about all week?  They then put the final piece of the puzzle together.... The letters "GB" were pulled out from all of the other letters.  I thought it stood for "Gary Brown," but when the kids asked who that was I had NO IDEA!  They informed me that it MUST stand for "GingerBread!"  
OH MY GOODNESS!  We knew that he had been naughty in all the books we read about him, but NOW IT WAS PERSONAL!  He was misbehaving in OUR CLASS!  The kids were all gung-ho on finding that frosted little man!  They were ready to capture and EAT HIM! Too bad we have a snow day today or we would probably be on the hunt for that sassy baked boy RIGHT NOW!  

We will see if the adventure continues on Monday... STAY TUNED!!! 

{and if he DOES decide to be a rascal again ... he better choose to do it at the END OF THE DAY!  Grrrrr!}


  1. Thanks Stephanie! :)

  2. Oh my word, that is hilarious!!! What are the chances he will be naughty at the end of the day!!!

  3. Jodi ... That guy just kept on comin'! He did, however, make a FINAL visit! SHEW!! I will post about it soon!