Wednesday, December 18, 2013

That Smart Aleck Cookie Man Struck AGAIN!!

Well he sure took his time, but that NAUGHTY Gingerbread Dude messed our room up again!  Just look at that mess he made of our clipboards. Our class was really chomping at the bit to find and take a bite of this sneaky guy. THIS is getting serious!
 When I asked, "How do you know it was him?" They discovered a HUGE clue, and ON THE WINDOWS to boot!  It said, "Ha! Ha! Ha! I'm not gone! GB" They kids, again, scoffed at the terrible handwriting, but then again he is just a cookie, so he hasn't had much practice ... nor does he have fingers to hold the marker well!
 What are we going to do to stop this crazy cooked dough boy???  Well, we are on the hunt! Tune in later for more on this troubling dilemma!

Missed the first attack?!?!  Check it out HERE

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