Saturday, February 15, 2014

FINALMENTE! Another Spanish Game: Lucha de Bolas de Nieve. PLAF!

Brrr! It's too cold outside to have a snowball fight... why not have an indoor one?! 
 I am excited to offer my Snowball Fight Sight Word Game in Spanish. This 33 page game offers 133 Spanish sight words. Smart Tarts will have so much fun trying to beat their opponents that they won't realize just how much they are learning with this educational game!

Here is a description of the game & center: It's time for a SNOWBALL FIGHT! This game has a winter twist on the classic game, "WAR!" Students take turns flipping over cards and reading them the fastest.  The player that reads their sight word first collects all cards turned over in that round.  If the "Lucha de Bolas de Nieve" cards are turned over at the same time, players turn over another card & the player that reads the next card fastest gets all cards including the "Lucha de Bolas de Nieve" cards. The player to collect all players' cards WINS!
Also included is a version to be played at the "Teacher Table."  
This Spanish game is actually a "beefed up" version of the English one.   It includes a "Center Sheet" for student accountability & a "Parent Communication Sheet" to communicate with parents how their child is doing on reading sight words.  Both of these communication sheets are are offered in both Spanish & English.  I also added a "Data Tracker" that you can take with you to RTI meetings, Parent/Teacher Conferences & to use to provide you with valuable information on the Smart Tarts in your classroom.
For: PreK, Kindergarten, First and Second Grade.

This game should definitely be a BLAST in your class! PLAF!

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