Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I HEART this Big Lots Find!

I popped into Big Lots tonight looking for something creative for my kiddos,  Violet & Mallon's, Valentines. 
 Mission: FAILED! 
 BUT... I sure did find something for my classroom! Isn't that always the way?! They are officially called "Glitter Heart", but, to me, they look like FANTASTIC TOOLS for isolating text in a story. Check out the pics to see how I plan to use them at teacher table {Yes, I know Valentine's Day is in 2 days, but does LOVE ever expire?!?! NO!}
The kids are going to LOVE it {get it?!}, and isn't that what it's all about?! 
 Love for learning... Love for school... that is the key!

Is this something you would use with the Smart Tarts in your classroom?

I HEART your comments!


  1. Too Cute!!! I know my kinders would love those.

    1. Thanks, Jedonia! I have had a chance to try them out and the kids LOVE it! During small group reading, I had them "heart" words that rhymed with other words on the page. They thought that was cool. :D