Saturday, February 22, 2014

Float like a BUTTERFLY ... Sting like a BUMBLEBEE ... My Compound Card Bundle is Ready to KNOCKOUT the Competition!

I am exploding like a FIRECRACKER to announce my latest creation: 

Say "GOODBYE" to the HEADACHE of teaching compound words.  These brightly colored cards with images thanks to can be used in a myriad of ways... they can be added to your literacy centers/stations, used as a "warm up" to a phonics lesson, given to parent/volunteer helpers for tutoring or small group work, used at the "Teacher Table, or in a game such as GOLDFISH!  WHATEVER the lesson, these cards will be the SUREFIRE hit! Want them?
Included are basic words such as: firefly, policeman, rainbow, sunshine & inchworm.  Also included are words specifically chosen to build vocabulary WITHIN your CLASSROOM.  These words include: hairdresser, goldenrod, riverboat, tadpole, chopsticks, bagpipes, starburst, cattails, etc... It is so valuable to build the schema of the Smart Tarts in our class.  I am hoping that these cards will help do just that!
This bundle is sure to give you a LIFETIME of ideas and uses.  Did I mention that there are 176 cards in all?!

Hop like a bullfrog to pick yours up today! Click HERE

Thanks for the wonderful graphics from DJ InkersLicense #1013191718

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