Friday, July 18, 2014

Dollar Tree Find #2 {of 7} - COASTERS & PLASTIC FROGS!

Okay... those are actually 2 finds, and they don't seem to go together, but THEY DO!
When I saw these coasters I was immediately drawn to them because of their bright colors AND they are the same colors as my classroom.  {P.S. They also came in red & orange} Then, I thought ... ," I bet I could do something with those bad boys!"

I realized that the backside of them was blank, so they would easily turn into a game.  You could play memory or what I call, "Read It, Keep It." I play RIKI at the Teacher Table and when my Smart Tarts are able to read a word that they turned over, they get to keep it in their stack.  The player with the most at the end of game WINS!
Memory Game
Read It, Keep It
 As I was walking through the aisles, I came across these fun jumping frog party favors and thought, "Hmmmm.... maybe these aren't just coasters.... maybe they're LILYPADS!!" {YES, I have a child's mind!}  So, that's the game that I want to focus on.  Let's call it, "Who needs leapin' lizards, we got frogs!"  Nah... no good.  How about "Sight Word Hop?"  Oh well, it'll come to me, but let's get on with the game. {If you have a good name for this game shoot it in the comments below }

First, write sight words on the top of each coaster {you may even be able to use Vis-A-Vis to change up the game each time b/c they tops of the coasters are slick!}
Smart Tarts take turns jumping their frogs.  If their frog lands on a lily pad, they can take the lily pad IF they can read the word {or number or shape or sentences or....} that is on it.  Then it is the next player's turn.  If the frog lands upside down on the lily pad, that's okay... just as long as it is on the lily pad.  You can determine what rules work best for your class.  This not only builds reading skills, but FINE MOTOR SKILLS to boot! The person with the most lily pads at the end WINS!

I like how this guy is bumpy!
BONUS GAME: If you write more difficult words on the backside, you could add a rule that if they can read that word they get a bonus jump.

**MY 2 CENTS** I would play this a couple times at my Teacher Table before moving it to a center to make sure they understand how to play.

SPEAKING OF FROGS ... Have you seen my Froggy Bundle?
Check it out HERE.

Come back tomorrow for my next find! WOOHOO!


  1. Anonymous7/18/2014

    Excellent ideas with your Dollar Tree finds! The students will love these games!

    1. THANKS! I hope they will. :)