Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Can you write a letter to a "non-reader?"

Sure you can!

At home, I love writing letters to my {PERSONAL} kiddos, Violet and Mallon.  I have been writing letters to my little guy since he was very young, and he LOVES receiving them.


Something, I'm sure, you are already aware of... Writing with rebus pictures! It's EASY BREEZY! Just write your letter in short phrases depending on the child's age and illustrate words in order to facilitate them reading your note. They will LOVE feeling big enough to read!

You can even make your note look like a real letter by folding over a plain old piece of paper and addressing the outside and writing your message on the inside.
{I KNOW THE PICTURES ARE LAUGHABLE, but he doesn't care! HA!}
 This would work great in the younger grades like pre-k and kindergarten, too! {I will have to remember that when I loop back down next year!}
Hopefully, once he is more developed, he will be able to write a message back to me!

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