Thursday, January 31, 2013

Notes of love remind me...

Why I remain a teacher!  With all of the paperwork, meetings, data, conferencing, paper grading, testing, re-testing, behavior managing, planning and stressing, it can be easy to forget the real reason why I became a teacher... TO TEACH KIDS! 
It's all about the inventive, bubbly, imaginative, hilarious, brilliantly observant, curious, brutally honest, encouraging, open-minded, information hungry, sweet, loving, quirky, FANTASTIC KIDS! 
 I got this note on my desk today without a signature, but with a powerful message.  The message reiterates why I became a teacher ... to make a difference, BUT GUESS WHAT?!?!  They are the ones who make a difference, no, make a DIFFERENT ME!  I LOVE TEACHING!

These reminders are when I step back and re-ignite the fire (that can sometimes grow dim), and start teaching with a burning passion again!  I hope your teaching flame burns bright too, and if not ... remember that YOU make a difference to THE CHILDREN! :D

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