Sunday, January 20, 2013

I have a dream of ... Peace, Love & MLK, Jr.!

I am excited to unveil my latest bundle: Peace, Love, M.L.K., Jr.
Learning about MLK & The Civil Rights Movement has a real personal connection to me as {through adoption} I have a blended race family. This year my daughter, Violet, is really grasping an understanding for Martin Luther King, Jr. & his stand ... Maybe because she is in kindergarten and a little older.  She said, "Mama, he made it where brown and peach people can be together." YES HE DID!
I hope you enjoy this bundle.  I wrote an MLK poem that makes up 3 activities in this unit.  You can pick it up for $2.50 at either one of my stores. :)  I also have a few videos at the bottom of this post and a link to the book, "Martin's Big Words," which is one of my favorites.  ENJOY!
 Here is a list of the items in this 16 page bundle:
  • Peace, Love, MLK Poem {to read}
  • Peace, Love, MLK Poem {to write & illustrate}
  • Peace, Love, MLK Poem {for pocket chart}
  • MLK, Jr. & Me Comparison Writing
  • Peace Poem {simile writing}
  • M.L.K. Sentence Stem Writing
  • Civil Rights Movement Fact Writing
  • LOVE is... Poem {fill in the blank}
  • MLK & Me Venn Diagram
  • Kids can dream BIG, too {writing}
  • A Child's Dream {illustrate & write}
  • Example for "A Child's Dream"
Here are a FEW photo examples:

Martin's Big Words {fantastic read for children}
Here are some MLK videos you might enjoy using in your class.
Did you know he wasn't born "Martin Luther King?" Find out about it in this video:
Let's Give 3 Cheers For MLK & Celebrate Him EVERY DAY!!


  1. This bundle looks like lots of fun! I wish that I found it before MLK day passed! I just found your blog and I'm a new follower!

    MrsMc from Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

  2. Thanks MrsMc! Well, I was a little bit "tardy" posting it! I am still learning to balance teaching career, blogging/creating career & being a mama/wife... all of which are passions of mine. Thanks for finding and following me. :D

  3. Nikki, I showed that MLK rap video in class. My kids went around singing it all afternoon!

    I know I've told you before, but I adore the name Violet! In fact, my daughter and I play Mermaids during her bathtime and mine is named Violet.


    1. Deniece ~ I am so glad. I love Harry Kindergarten!! Funny thing, I had a dream last night that someone had hacked my blog and was leaving inappropriate links and messages on your blog. I think subconsciously I knew I hadn't replied to you yet, and it manifested in my dreams... HA! Crazy!! Thanks for the compliment on the name Violet ... it was picked just for her. We got her at 22 months with a different birth name, and it was cool b/c she was able to "okay" her name once we knew we were able to adopt her. :)

  4. OMGoodness...Nikki, I just read your response. How weird you had a dream about my blog....cracks me UP!!!

    Your adoption story was amazing. Did Violet have a hard time switching names?
    I had a c-section when I had my daughter and during recovery I was a little loopy (to say the least) and I burst into tears. My mom asked what was wrong and I said, everything we own is monogrammed with Lila (lie-luh) but she doesn't even look like a Lila. My mom laughed and asked what she looked like and I said I had no clue, but it wasn't Lila. After about 24 hours, my meds wore off...she did look like a Lila and now I cannot imagine her being a Madeline or a Sophie (our other 2 choices).


  5. What a smile! Your daughter looks like a sweetheart.

    1. Thanks so much, Lenore! :)