Sunday, October 7, 2012

I'm Over the Moon for this Batty Number Center!

I had a BATASTIC time drawing this graphic for latest center this past week.  My first grade class was so enthralled to learn about bats, so I figured I should make a center to go along with the theme.  This 23 page center has two parts ... an easier part {numbers 1-10} and a more difficult part {numbers 11-20}.
 In the 1-10 version, kids will read the number word in each bat's body matching corresponding dot & tally mark wings.
In the 11-30 version, kids will read the numeral in each bat's boday match corresponding tens frame/units & addition problem wings.
Once all of the bats have been matched up, the kiddos can sort the bats under the "EVEN" or "ODD" moons and fill in their accountability sheet.
I have also included a bat number line to help kiddos that are still struggling with addition as well as some "Bitty Bat Manipulatives" to help them solve their problems.
My own little gal loved this game too.  Here is a photo collage of her in action!
Hope you enjoy this inexpensive addition to your bat, October or Halloween unit. :)
You can pick it up here:

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