Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Write On! Write On!

I went to one of my favorite stores this weekend ... DOLLAR TREE.  I am a little bit of a shopaholic fanatic, and when I saw these cooky eyeball glasses I knew they would be a perfect addition to our "Write the Room" center.  I COULDN'T resist!!  Look how hilarious and adorable!!
I mean they don't look like themselves at all!  When I looked up from my teacher table, it looked like there were little zombies walking around the classroom. It definitely gave me a giggle, and they had a blast!
I also wanted to offer the page I created for the kiddos to use when writing the room.  I would love to hear any feedback that you have OR how it works in your classroom.  ENJOY!!
Click the links below to grab your freebie!
Happy Writing!


  1. Anonymous10/10/2012

    Love the idea using the glasses. I am going to look for some this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anonymous10/11/2012

    Wow!! Those are the cutest kids Ive Ever Seen!!! Your doing a great job! Love the Idea!