Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What do you get when you mix Frankenstein with rhyming? FrankenRHYMES!

I drew a little Frankenstein graphic, but wasn't sure what game I could make when it hit me... FrankenRHYMES! I crack myself up! {and probably only myself!}

My kids have been ready for Halloween since September, so I have been filling their centers with many "treats!"  Your kids will have fun using these cards to play games of: Memory, Go Frank {a take on Go Fish} or Read it, Keep it. WATCH OUT for FrankenGRUMPY! He will make you lose a turn! I hope that these variety of games help your when differentiating for your class AND at only $2.50 it's a "no brainer!" {kind of like Frankenstein! Ha! I cracked myself up again!}

You can pick yours up here:

Click on the pics for a larger image.
These are on both of my stores:
Hope you have a monstrous good time!

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