Sunday, October 21, 2012

♪♪It Started with a Whisper♪ ... Phone! {Neon Trees, Anyone?}

You will want to say "Good-Bye!" to the whisper phones of yesteryear when you take a gander at this bad boy ... THE DOUBLE WHISPER PHONE!  How cool is that!  This takes whisper reading to a whole new level.  
{WOW! Those kids are cute! ;)}
I came up with this idea about 8 years ago while roaming the hardware store.  I wanted to make my own whisper phones when I came across a "P trap."  Then I found some tubing "Bilge/Pump Discharge Hose" WOW that sounds kind of gross! & TADA, the birth of "The Double Whisper Phone!"©  Should I copyright that?! HA!
Think of the differentiation... kiddos can echo read {where a higher reader is partnered with a lower reader & the lower reader echoes the higher reader = scaffolding}, choral read {where they read at the same time} & partner reading {where one reads & the other listens and points to the words in her own book.  Then they switch roles.}  
{Little man is echoing little miss.}
It WILL cost you more {about $30}, BUUUUUTTTTTT it will last for years... mine has!  I made a second one {well, let me be truthful... my sweet hubbie made it for me. HA!} because in my classroom it is SO POPULAR ... and if it is popular, then GUESS WHAT?!?!?  Reading will be FUN & POPULAR. YEEEEHAWWWW! 
Let's go shopping! Head straight to the plumbing department at your local hardware store. {click pictures to enlarge them}
{pick up some hose as seen above}
{Pick up your "P trap." I suggest getting the P trap without the extra piece ... you don't need it & it will probably cost less. This is all they had.}
{pick out your favorite Duck {duct} Tape.  Look at all of these choices!!! My little man chose red.}
{Let's go home!}
Now here is the tutorial.  Pictures & hard work thanks to my hubbie, Andy! 
{Here is all you need ... REALLY!}
{Make one straight snip to each end of the tubing.  This will allow it to go around the "P trap."}
{Insert the end of the "P trap" inside of the snipped tubing.}
{Apply duct tape to secure in place. You could also hot glue the inside prior to taping.}
{VIOLA! A double whisper phone. © Ha!}
So go forth & shop, so you can get these into your reading corners, nests or spots as soon as you can.  I promise you won't regret spending the money when you watch your kiddos building their LOVE of reading!


  1. That is a great idea! Your models are adorable. Thank you for such detailed instructions. Jodi

  2. Thanks Jodi, and thanks for the compliments about my "models!" I am definitely blessed with some cuties! I would love to know if you make one for yourself! :D

  3. I love this idea! It's on my "must do with my students" Pinterest board!!
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