Wednesday, October 31, 2012

They Creep, They Crawl, They're Spiders!

We had so much fun learning about spiders a couple of weeks ago & I realized that {duh!} I forgot to post my spider unit and our little art project here on my blog!

We had so much fun creating spiders from coffee filters to accompany our "Spiders: can, have, are" writing activity.  It's super easy ... here's how:

1. Select coffee filter and have kids scribble {with desired colors} all over it with WASHABLE markers.  YES THEY GET TO SCRIBBLE!! It is important to use washable markers so the the colors bleed well.

2.  Spray the coffee filter with water until lightly saturated.  Watch the colors bleed into each other.
3. Place on napkin and allow to dry.

4. Add details.
TA DA! You have your very own coffee filter spider!

To accompany this ... I am offering my MASSIVE, I MEAN MASSIVE, Spider Bundle.  Look at all that is included in this 58 page bundle for $4.99!!

Activities in this Creepy, Crawly Spider Bundle:

· Description of Activities
· Spiders: Can, Have, Are
· A Spider Poem {similes}
· Spider Story {journaling sheet}
· My Spider Has … {mini take home reader—rebus}
· Spiders, Spiders, Spiders {mini take home reader of spider facts & COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS}
· Spiders 10’s Rods & 1’s Units {to create base 10 problems}
· Number Cards to use with Spiders 10’s & 1’s
· Missing Spider Legs {visual problem solving}
· Spider Count by 1’s, 2’s & 4’s Cards
· Spider Count by 1’s, 2’s & 4’s Accountability Sheet
· Roll a Spider Game Instructions Card {color & bw version to use with dice}
· Roll a Spider Web Card {color & bw version}
· Roll a Spider Pieces {color & bw version}
· Spider Addition {to use with spider 1’s units}
· Count the Spiders {mini take home reader}
· Webs Full of Spiders {mini take home reader-addition book}
Addition Mini Take Home Reader
My Spider Has... Mini REBUS Take Home Reader

A Fill in the Blank Take Home Reader about Spider Facts. 
Comprehension Questions are on the last page of the reader. :)

Examples of the reader completed by students:
Base Ten Spider Rods {single units & number cards are also included}
Here is how we used it in centers:

And much, MUCH more... 58 pages!! WOOWEE!!
You can pick it up here:
Thanks so much for taking a gander & for your feedback. 
Feel free to email me with any questions:

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