Sunday, February 3, 2013

I didn't get to post my 2nd thing I am fond of for the Valentine's Day countdown...

{bronchitis had me down!}  I will be posting a "doubler" today! One now... one later. :)
So, I LOVE singing songs with my kids ... Many I make up and dream of having a YouTube channel one day! Not with my voice, though the kids don't mind it, I would love to keep the negative comments to a minimum. HA! I have already recruited my magnificentally talented sister-in-law, Christen. I know she will BRING IT!  It is just a matter of time. Okay, I put it out there! 
WHY MUSIC??? It is such a valuable learning tool, not only for academics, but also to redirect behavior and focus!  Learning MUST be targeted across the styles for children to thoroughly grasp, apply and retain what is taught.  Music is just one of those learning styles. :) Want to learn more about the value of music & education??? Check out this research at Community Playthings.
There are so many songs that we sing in class that I don't create and the kids love.  Here is a small sampling of what we sing {if I could find it on YouTube I added it for y'all or you guys for you non-Texans. HA!}:

Peanut Butter {and Jelly}by: Sharon, Lois & Bram
 Skinnamarink a Dink a Dink by: Sharon, Lois & Bram:The Elephant Show {We sing this one as we are leaving for the day}
Beware ... this is bringing it back OLD SCHOOL STYLE!!!

Apples & Bananas {Raffi} Again bringin' it back and great for vowels!
All By Greg and Steve {many great for refocusing wiggly bodies!!!}
Bop Til You Drop
Beanie Bag Dance
The Way We Do It {stretching and exercise}
Can't Sit Still
The Bear Hunt
Too Many to List by: Dr. Jean!!! {Although one of my ALL TIME favorites has to be The African Village Song.  We have added sign language to it, and it is sure to bring a tear to your eye!}
The Pinocchio By Super Simple Songs {This is a MASSIVE favorite!  We just have the music, but I was pleased to see a video b/c I just made up my own dance moves!}
Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes {many versions}
You are my sunshine {we add kinesthetic movements}
I love you a bushel and a peck
Tony Chestnut by The Learning Station
I would love to know the tunes you use in your classroom! Sing about them in the comment section below. :) 

Here are links to some of the albums on


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