Monday, February 4, 2013

Things I am fond of #4 ... FONTS ... Kimberly Geswein fonts!

I am a little bit of a font-aholic.  I have to pick just the right font for the project.  I know I am not the only one out there!!!  I do, however, have some FAVES! 

I thought that I would focus on one of my favorite font creators: Kimberly Geswein.  She has SO many fonts to choose from and, guess what?!?!  You can also purchase a commercial license for them ... either individually or an unlimited license.

Here is a little bit behind the creator, Kimberly Geswein:
Kimberly Geswein {pronounced guess wine}
She has a fontastic website:
Her fonts can be downloaded for free at DaFont or FontSpace
She has over 200 fonts available, and she keeps on adding. :)
She loves coffee, tea, and reading! 
She's a huge Disney fan and loves living near the parks in Florida. 
Here are a FEW of MY faves of hers:
I could go on and on!
If you haven't heard of her or downloaded any of her fonts before, I highly suggest you do!  She is also just an all around nice person that responds to emails and comments, and doesn't mind a little ol' blogger like me doing a post on her.  THANKS Kimberly for your fonts and time! :D


  1. Oooh, love 'em! I too am a font-aholic! I make most of my products in google drive and it doesn't allow me to use any fonts but those listed:( I wish I could upload new fonts into it.


    1. That's a bummer! Have you tried using Publisher?

  2. Thank you so much for all the wonderful fonts. Even though I teach in Alaska, I happen to be in Orlando at a teaching conference. I've learned many new things at the conference that I want to create but I really didn't want to use the typical Comic Sans. Whaa Hoo! I get to go back to Alaska with great ideas AND new fonts. Thanks again!

    1. No problem! I am glad you are able to get some use from them. :) She just released a really cool one for elementary teachers. Check it out:

  3. Oh I spent hours last week downloading fonts! <3