Friday, February 8, 2013

Things I am fond of #8 ... 100th Day of School!

Even though the 100th Day of School is totally exhausting, it is also TOTALLY FUN!!
We started our 100th Day of School with a parade of kinder & first gators {our mascot}.  They all got to be out of dress code and wear shirts with 100 items on them {I forgot to take pictures... DOH!}  The kindergators held up posters that they created at home with 100 items on them & the first gators brought a 100th Day museum item {a jar or baggie with 100 items in it} to show off in the parade.  I got loud {what's new?!} and waved my 100th Day flag.  We rocked out the parade with "Celebration" by Kool & the Gang and "Twist and Shout" by the Beatles playing over the PA system. 
After the parade we, the first gators, began our 100th Day activities.  Our class is fortunate to be a combined/co-teach class of 44 beautiful kiddos & 2 teachers, Mrs. Johnson & I.  We are truly blessed to be able to combine our classes and open up our moving wall to have 1 LARGE classroom... it works SO well!  Anyway, I digress...
The kiddos got into a large circle and each were given strips of construction paper to create our 100th Day caterpillar with 100 body sections.  We counted each strip as they were passed out to make sure he had exactly 100 body parts. {I don't know what I was thinking when taking pictures... I didn't even get the whole thing!}
We have been learning about the moon, so we thought it would be fun to draw the moon with 100 craters.
They did the traditional 100th Day of School gumball machine.  Clip art:
Of course we had to illustrate and write about if we were 100 years old.  Some of these CRACKED ME UP!  Especially the one with a monocle!!!
"I'm a old person. I like to be a old person because I like to call people, "Nifty." My favorite color is blue. I live in Hawaii, so I can be healthy."
"My old man is one hundred. This is my house. You are a cow and you are crazy woman. I have muscles. YAY! I have a glass eye." {hilarious! monocle!}
"I do not have big teeth. I have none teeth. I am old as a pickle. Are you old like a pickle, too?  I have long wrinkles."
"I am a 100 year old and I am nifty. I can drive and none of my friends can drive.  I can walk without a cane or a walker. I can take care of myself by myself. I live in a house...."
  Other things we did was make 100th Day hat, show our 100th Day item, take a 100th Day tour where we signed posters {100 heroes, 100 illustrations, 100 compliments, 100 places to visit & 100 animals} and have a 100th Day dance party around the school.  Can you believe I forgot to take pictures?!?!  Grrrrr to myself!
I hope you all had a ONEderful 100th Day of School too!  You know what that means?!  The year is over 1/2 over.  WOW!

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