Monday, February 11, 2013

Things I am fond of #11 ... WHOLE BRAIN TEACHING!

I am sorry to yell that, but I am absolutely in love with the brain based learning approach: Whole Brain Teaching.  I see how it benefits the kids, how well they respond, stay engaged, and retain information that is taught.  It definitely keeps them {and me} on their toes, and it doesn't allow for much booooooooooorrrrredomeeee, because WE {the teachers} are talking LESS {micro-lecture}, they are talking more {to each other;peer to peer} and they are gesturing {kinesthetic} while they re-teach each other! 
Instead of me trying to explain it ... I thought I would post videos that I love by Chris Biffle.  This teaching style, I understand, isn't for everyone, but MAN I love for my class!
THE BASICS: Here is Chris Biffle teaching how to be a "Power Teacher"

This is a First Grade class during calendar time.

Super Speed Words {My first gators LOVE this ... We call it Super Speedy Spelling {or sight, or vocab, or ANYTHING} Words
First Grade rules, transitions and adding doubles.

This one isn't by Chris Baffle.  It is another First Grade class.

Chris Biffle leading a "how to begin whole brain teaching" to a middle school class.
Kindergarten: What is a compound word?
Sixth Grade: Order of Operations
I have modified my rules, chants, responses, cheers, etc... to fit my class, but many I do keep the same.  It is really adaptable.  Anything that connects the learning style, involves peer to peer teaching and is FUN is right up my alley.  I hope you get something that you can use! :)

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