Sunday, February 3, 2013

Things I am fond of #3: Creating printables

I have always loved creating printables for my classroom since my good-old student teacher days.  Can you say, "I've come a LONG way baby!" since then, and am sure the growth will continue.  Whew ... I look back at those creations from 2003 and **SHUDDER!**
Anyway, I love drawing my own graphics, BUT because there are way better & faster artists out there, I also use clip art, especially from DJ Inkers.  I love DJ Inkers so much that I have given them my own little love name of "Dinkers."  
In honor of my fondest #3 post ... I thought it would be good to debut my latest bundle:
I am in LOVE with this bundle, and it is chock full of activities perfect for Valentine's Day!  31 pages in all of literacy, math & center related items! I hope you HEART it too!
Here are a few pictures of items included. :)
This is a poem I wrote. One for them to read, and one to illustrate & find sight words they know {they can light words up with a yellow crayon}
Reference cards, letter templates & post cards for the mail center
A bubble map and writing activity {there is another bubble map included in this unit about things that the kiddos love ... geared more for kindergarten.}
   This is a family gift project.
{Take pictures of your kiddos to make the middle flower.  Add their thumbprints for the petals.  Have them create the other 2 flowers.}
 Adding My Love {there are 4 versions of this included;1&3 are the easier ones.}

 This is a take home reader where the kids read, illustrate & fill in the missing word.
 There is even more... I can't show you all the goodies! HA!
You can pick it up at either store: TPT or TN {TN sale through Feb 3rd}
Tell me which item you think your class would heart the most!

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